Starbucks retribution for unionizing efforts: cutting hours

Starbucks has reached yet another new low: cutting the hours of workers in what could be considered retribution for their efforts to unionize.

On a recent cold morning Starbucks workers stood outside stores across America handing out a flyer “Why Is My Order TAKING SO LONG?” which points out that the company is cutting hours and thus it takes longer for those fewer baristas to get your order ready.

“Working at Starbucks, I have seen firsthand how the company has neglected the rights of its workers. I’ve experienced understaffing, a lack of store management, witnessed discrimination, and was exposed to an unhealthy and unsafe work environment,” said Katie McCoy, an ex-Starbucks worker in Marysville, Wash., fired for her union organizing efforts at her store.

“Beyond the low pay, unsafe conditions, and disrespect, we are fed up with CEOs like Howard Schultz doing everything in their power to try to silence us and keep us from winning our union. We must hold them accountable.”

And now that effort has taken yet another turn: cutting hours to send an implied message: don’t even think of joining the union.

And so Starbucks workers have yet again turned to potential customers asking them to protest this latest outrage.

You can make you voice heard by calling the Starbucks customer service line at 1-800-782-7282 or go to

Workers have filed more than 200 labor charges against Starbucks alleging the company has violated federal Labor law, including one by McCoy. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has issued a complaint against the company for her wrongful termination.

Workers have already filed for union recognition elections in 407 stores so far, and won 292, while Starbucks has broken Labor law 1,700 times, consolidated in 70 complaints to the NLRB.

“Starbucks claims to be a socially responsible company that values its employees, but the reality is it is breaking laws left and right to silence us,” McCoy stressed.


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