Statement by Missouri AFL-CIO President Mike Louis on Greiten’s Government Invasion of Personal Rights


As the Missouri state house of representatives holds public hearings today, Missouri AFL-CIO President Mike Louis issued the following statement:

“Five specific bills introduced today are not the right direction for Missouri’s working families and fail to meet the campaign promises of the winners of last fall’s election. Creating new jobs that provide a standard of wages and benefits allowing for all working families the dignity of a decent life is what Missourian’s were promised.

These deceptive right to work bills are wrong for Missouri.  They are nothing but government overreach into the private contract negotiations between businesses and their employees, their each of chosen representatives – the businesses lawyers and the employees’ elected unions.

The very people that we elected to create new jobs are ignoring that priority and instead are creating more bureaucracy to appease the deep pockets of the uber-rich CEO’s who donated to their campaigns.”

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