Teachers and support staff at KIPP charter high school return to the strike line

TEACHERS AND STAFF at KIPP St. Louis High School returned to the strike line April 29 demanding a fair contract. – Mike Marquardt, Teamsters Local 688 photo


St. Louis – Teachers and support staff at KIPP St. Louis charter high school returned to the strike line Monday, April 29,  after calling a one-day strike at the school on April 19 to demand a fair contract. With no movement from KIPP administrators, teachers and staff called a new strike to demand a fair contract.

Represented by American Federation of Teachers (AFT St. Louis) Local 420, KIPP teachers and support staff were joined by fellow union members, and received enthusiastic honks of support from drivers as they picketed outside the charter high school at 706 N. Jefferson Ave., St. Louis, Mo., 63103.

“We are only asking for the same rights as provided by other school districts,” Local 420 said in a statement. “We were willing to agree to all KIPP’s contract proposals, including  salaries, in exchange for job security and a fair grievance procedure. We want an agreement now. There has been no positive response from KIPP regional management and no new negotiations scheduled.”

Teachers and staff are demanding a contract that addresses school safety, staffing issues and due process.  KIPP High School faculty and staff organized in 2022 and have been at the negotiating table for over a year.

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