Three more unions endorse Kunce for U.S. Senate

Sprinkler Fitters Local 268, Roofers Local 2, Insulators Local 63

As the race for U.S. Senate to challenge Josh Hawley slowly begins to gather steam, three more unions have endorsed Lucas Kunce: Sprinkler Fitters Local 268, Roofers Local 2 and Southwest Missouri Insulators Local 63.

They join the first union endorsements by the Bricklayers Administrative Council (Bricklayers Local 1 and Tile Setters Local 18) and Asbestos Workers Local 1.

“We need a warrior for working people in the U.S. Senate who will always stand and fight for us – not a phony like Hawley who talks tough, then cuts and runs, “said Roofers Local 2 Business Manager Denny Marshall.”That’s why we’re proud to join Lucas Kunce’s growing coalition of everyday Missourians. This is our chance to take power back for working people in our state, and we cannot waste it.”

Noted Sprinkler Fitters Local 268 Business Manager Bob Stuart, “We think Lucas is a great candidate, one of the guys that’s really down-to-earth, able to talk with both sides of the aisle in order to get things done, something that’s really lacking in Washington today. He’s a great candidate that will support working families and because he comes from humble beginnings, he can relate to the hardships we all face. He’s a great candidate to go against Hawley.”

Added Insulators Local 63 Business Manager Mike Jenkins: “Josh Hawley doesn’t know the first thing about what working people face in Missouri. Hawley’s idea of being ‘pro-worker’ is defending corrupt mortgage lenders from New Jersey, supporting the phony ‘right-to-work’ scams designed to destroy the union way of life, and backing corporate judges who want to rip healthcare away from our families.

“We need a U.S. Senator who understands the true meaning of service and sacrifice – that’s why we’re proud to endorse a warrior like Lucas Kunce over a fraud like Josh Hawley. In the Senate, Lucas will fight to secure working people’s right to organize, to invest in our communities, and to put American workers first in the next generation of energy.”

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