Vote for Labor friendly candidates, digital campaign stresses

Message applies throughout the state. Can you help?

REPUBLICAN-DOMINATED legislatures threaten a worker’s way of life. A new digital ad shot at Sheet Metal Workers 36’s training center explains that Democrats support unions which make good lives possible for union families.
– Jefferson County Democratic digital ad screencap

If you’re a union family, there are real reasons you should be voting for Democrats this election year, stresses a new 30-second digital ad campaign featuring Sheet Metal Workers Local 36 journeyman Dustin Widger explaining the reasoning.

The campaign is sponsored by the Jefferson County Democratic Party which is seeking help in raising the funds to get the campaign on the air for an extended effort. For every $5,000 raised, they can earn 100,000 views. (See ad’s full commentary following this story.)

“Republican-dominated legislatures threaten our way of life with ‘right-to-work’” says Widger, Local 36 Executive Board recording secretary.

“Please don’t vote against your own interests,” he said, which makes the point that Republicans have consistently voted for not only the phony “right-to-work (for less)” legislation, but have passed other laws that are NOT in the interest of working families.

“While the ad urges voting for Jefferson County Democrats, the meaning speaks to the need for working families to vote Democratic all across Missouri,” said Bob Butler, Jefferson County Democratic chairman.

The ad was shot in Local 36’s training center and at Dustin’s home in Barnhart, Mo. with his family. It was created by Fourth City Strategies.

If you want to help with a few dollars to get the ad on the air, go to

“All contributions will be valued to getting out this vital message,” Butler stressed.

Voting Democrat in Jefferson County

A VOTE FOR DEMOCRATS in Jefferson County is a vote for working families, Sheet Metal Workers Local 36’s Dustin Widger stresses in a 30-second digital ad produced by the Jefferson County Democratic Party. – Jefferson County Democratic digital ad screencap

I understand the importance of union values.

The Labor Movement made it possible for my father to provide a middle-class life for our family.

Now, I’m carrying on the tradition, and raising a family of my own.

But Republicans time and again threaten our way of life with “right-to-work for less” legislation, and have made it harder for injured workers to get pay they deserve.

Please, don’t vote against your own interests.

Vote for working families.

Vote for Jefferson County Democrats.“

Sheet Metal Workers 36


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