YOUR LETTERS: Ameren taking advantage of retirees?

My name is Tom Greco. I have been a member of Local 360 Plumbers and Gas Fitters for 37 years. I recently retired from Ameren with same amount of time.

When checking into retiring, I was assured of medical premiums to be a certain amount until I reached the age of 65. Then on to Medicare from there. This was all assured to me from the human resource division of Ameren.

I, along with all the other men and women who have retired from Ameren Illinois, received a letter stating that as of July 1, our premiums will go up substantially. In my case, it went up close to $900 more a month. Ameren states that when the contract for the IBEW locals expires, so does the promised medical assistance to retirees.

All of our premiums have gone up and there are a lot of disappointed and irate union members who worked for them. Seems pretty sad that they pump their chest about them being one of the best places in the country to work for, then turn their backs on the men and women who gave many years of hard work, dealing with dangerous natural gas and electric.

I believe they are playing hard ball with negotiations with IBEW. The people who have retired are really being stomped on and treated like sh-t.

We have nothing to do with the negotiations yet are getting screwed.

I would really like the public to know how Ameren treats their retirees.

Plumbers & Gas Workers Local 360

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Local 360 negotiates wages for its members, however, their benefits mirror those negotiated by IBEW Local 309, now in contract talks with Ameren.)

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