YOUR LETTERS: Article V still gaining traction

Wealthy special interests are spending big money to lobby state lawmakers, demanding they vote to call an Article V Convention to radically reshape the U.S. Constitution.

If allowed to succeed – unelected, unaccountable delegates will have a chance to write their far-right-wing agenda into our Constitution.

The Article V plot to radically reshape our Constitution – gutting our most basic rights in the process – is still gaining traction.

New York, Kansas, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania are just a few of the states considering active Article V bills.

Wealthy special interests are spending millions to pass Article V bills across the country.

They have a lot to gain from passing a Convention. If Article V is called, these same special interests will be able to use their money to influence legislators to rewrite the Constitution to their own benefit – at your expense and mine.

Gutting environmental regulations. Enacting more barriers to vote. Rolling back our right to privacy. All of this and more is on the table if they succeed.

Common Cause is in the midst of a grassroots effort to STOP Article V and SAVE our Constitution. You can chip in to help with the fight at

Common Cause

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