YOUR LETTERS: Dan Shaul renews attacks on Unemployment Insurance


One of the most anti-labor legislators in Jefferson City, Representative Dan Shaul (R-Jefferson County) is once again going after the lifeline that keeps the rent paid, and food on the table when workers are laid off. Shaul’s HB 1909 would cut eligibility for Unemployment Insurance to as little as eight weeks (currently it’s 20 weeks).

Attacking vulnerable workers has become a yearly crusade for Shaul, who also passed a bill that cut the St. Louis and Kansas City minimum wages and removed cities’ authority to guarantee benefits to workers.

Due to his efforts to cut low-income workers’ pay and consistently attack our safety net, Shaul believes he is worthy of a promotion and has announced that he will be running for the state Senate seat vacated by Paul Wieland.

Political Director
Missouri AFL-CIO


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