YOUR LETTERS: Join in Solidarity with striking workers

We’re deep into the summer months and there is something in the air: Worker Solidarity!

From coast-to-coast, workers across various industries are rising up and demanding their rights, inspiring a movement that resonates with the spirit of justice and equality.

Writers, actors, hotel and fast food workers, delivery drivers and more are fighting leading the charge against corporate greed.

Some 650,000 Americans are ready to strike, or already have. 

It’s heartening to witness the strength and unity of so many working Americans who are ready to strike, or have already taken courageous strides to do so. This could possibly be the most significant surge of strikes witnessed in the United States since the transformative Labor Movements of the 1970s.

We are fueled by the belief that every worker deserves dignity, respect, and fair treatment in the workplace. As all of these strikes are happening across the country, the FiredUp! Solidarity Network must exist as the first line of defense for workers who may be retaliated against and fired for their courageous efforts.

Your support matters more than ever in shaping the course of this momentous struggle. Unite in support with the thousands of workers working hard off the clock to create a future where worker solidarity prevails over corporate greed.

Sign The FiredUp! Solidarity Network’s petition and join in solidarity with thousands of striking workers today at

In solidarity,

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