YOUR LETTERS: Optimistic for a productive 2024


Shadowed by weekslong gridlock at the beginning, the Senate body is finally debating bills, and I am optimistic for a productive 2024. 

Anticipating a constitutional amendment on the November ballot that could restore abortion rights in our state, the majority party has prioritized Senate Joint Resolution 74, Initiative Petition Reform. The goal of the legislation is to make it harder for Missouri voters to amend the state’s constitution. 

Standing up for democracy, the minority party filibustered. We believe in the one person, one vote process that has been used for more than 100 years to amend our state’s constitution. On Feb. 20, the Senate perfected SJR 74, and it was referred to the Senate Fiscal Oversight Committee. If a measure to revise the initiative petition process is approved by lawmakers, it would still have to be approved by Missouri voters.

Defunding Planned Parenthood has been another big topic of discussion. Senate Bills 1168 and 810 would prevent public funds from going to any abortion facilities or their affiliates and bar the MO HealthNet program from reimbursing Planned Parenthood health centers and their affiliates.

Asking for compassion, I proposed amendments that would allow legal abortions for survivors of rape or incest. I believe, in these circumstances, victims should be able to get the care they need in their own state. My amendments were voted down. Currently, abortions are only legal in Missouri in cases of medical emergency.

Rest assured we will keep fighting the good fight. For those interested in following along, you can always find the status of any Senate legislation online at

Mo. Sen. Tracy McCreary
24th District


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