YOUR LETTERS: Republicans offer bad choices as debt ceiling deadline nears

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has offered two paths forward on the debt ceiling: his own austerity bill or a government default. Either would be devastating to our economy and working people.

Speaker McCarthy’s “solution” is a non-starter for workers. It’s a threat to all the progress we’ve made over the past few years to build a new green economy.

Both the cuts McCarthy is proposing and the threat of default will cripple the functioning of the government, jeopardizing the delivery of vital government services provided by members of AFGE and other unions, from Veterans Affairs patient care to air traffic control to the handling of Social Security claims.

At the AFL-CIO, we don’t take threats to the livelihoods of our workers lightly and we are acting accordingly.

We’ve launched a grassroots campaign to let Americans know what is at stake in this fight. We’re going to use our network of unions and organizers to tell our politicians: This is not a Washington, D.C., parlor game. This is our lives.

There is another path forward—the one President Biden has already proposed. We can end this pointless game of chicken Speaker McCarthy has put us in, raise the debt ceiling and work on real solutions.

President, AFL-CIO

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