YOUR LETTERS: Save your Social Security Social Security; call your representative

Social Security is the most successful government program in our history and millions depend upon it to survive. It is not welfare. It is a government pension. You pay in – you get benefits.

Why do I bring this up in the middle of our debt ceiling crisis? Some Republicans are trying to tie Social Security to the debt negotiations. They know it is totally separate, having nothing to do with the debt. These Social Security opponents just want to destroy it.

The good news is that Donald Trump, an opponent, who pledged in 2020 to eliminate the Payroll Tax if re-elected, is now saying Republicans will lose by attacking Social Security. What is the Payroll Tax? It is the sole funding source for Social Security. It is also TOTALLY separate from the general revenue and debt ceiling crisis. In fact, it lends $2.9 Trillion to help general revenue.

Save your future. Contact your legislator.

Glendale, MO

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