YOUR LETTERS: Stop the Koch plot to destroy Social Security!

The Koch brothers recently rolled out their latest campaign to destroy our Social Security system, partnering with tax scam architect Stephen Moore (President Trump’s pick for the Federal Reserve Board who owes $75,000 in back taxes) to renew a push for privatization.
But a new book just revealed that their methods are even more insidious: The Koch Brothers have been secretly funding so-called “centrist” think tank Third Way, which has spent years aiming to erode Democrats’ commitment to Social Security.

We’ve long called Third Way a Wall Street front-group, as they’ve spent decades scaremongering about the deficit and pursuing benefit cuts. But being on the Koch payroll is a whole different ballgame.

The late David Koch, who died on Aug. 23, 2019, along with his elder brother Charles – ideological billionaires who spent decades corrupting our public institutions and paving the way for Republicans – had their sights set on Social Security for a long time, proudly funding right-wing think tanks like the Cato Institute and the Heritage Foundation to create an echo chamber of poisonous, anti-government ideas. Third Way is all the more dangerous.

In retrospect, Third Way’s secret Koch affiliation should have been obvious. In 2012, they published an Op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, criticizing Elizabeth Warren for leading the fight to expand Social Security. We led protests on Third Way’s offices, where Matt Bennett (executive director for public affairs) admitted that they don’t have grassroots support.

As the Koch brothers gear up for another assault on Social Security, we need to band together as a movement, and not be divided by Koch-funded concern trolling from our so-called allies.

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Executive Director
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