YOUR LETTERS: Veterans, all workers, need PRO Act


The right of working people to organize into Labor unions has benefitted veterans since WW II. Unfortunately, those rights have been systematically whittled away in favor of huge corporations.

We have seen what happens when huge corporations have unfettered economic power. We have seen what has happened to exploding CEO pay while workers have fallen behind. The PRO Act will help reverse that imbalance.

The PRO act:

  • Provides the freedom for veteran workers, all workers, to join a union should they want to.
  • Stops corporations from retaliating against veterans and working people who support the right to unionize.
  • Stops corporations from retaliatory firing of striking workers.
  • Will repeal the so-called “right-to-work” laws, which really mean “right to work for less.”

Urge your senator and congressman to vote for the PRO Act. It benefits all veterans and their families. Please, please call your senator and congressmen to urge them to vote for the PRO Act.

Adjutant General, Illinois
Army/Air National Guard (retired)
Member, UAW
Former U.S. Congressman (12th District)


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