YOUR LETTERS: Working people want democracy protected

For working people, our vote is sacred. Whether we’re voting to elect candidates to office or to have a voice in our workplace, democracy is at the heart of our values.

On Jan. 6, the deadly attack at the U.S. Capitol threatened the foundation of free and fair elections that our nation was built upon. Those attempting to erode democracy and voting rights threaten the gains working people have won over generations and jeopardize our ability to stand together to fight for an equitable future for our families.

Every demand working people make – from better wages and workplace protections to a voice on the job and racial justice – is built on a bedrock of democracy. We are watching the Jan. 6 hearings closely, vigorously mobilizing to ensure that those responsible for threatening our democracy are held accountable and that the future of fair elections – at the workplace and the ballot box – is secure.

AFL-CIO president

AFL-CIO secretary-treasurer

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