Building Trades Solidarity Rally March 27


[frame src=”” width=”250″ height=”150″ align=”left” style=”2″ linkstyle=”none” title=”Jefferson City, MO – 2008 RALLY turned out over 2,000 building tradesmen; the Missouri Building Trades Council is hoping for a larger turnout this year, not only from the building trades, but from all unions as 19 bills are now before the legislature seeking to castrate unions and workers (union and non-union).”]To protest unprecedented attack on workers; take a bus, drive your car, walk if you have to, but BE THERE.

Jefferson City – With workers and unions, especially the building trades, under attack in Jefferson City like never before, the Missouri building trades are calling on ALL building trades members in Missouri to join together in a Labor Solidarity Rally on Tuesday, March 27 at 1 p.m. on the steps of the Capitol Building here.

This massive rally will be paired with lobbying Democratic and Republican state legislators to:

• Protest the onslaught of bills seeking to destroy the rights of working people, especially building trades members, and

• Educate lawmakers of both parties to the incredibly destructive impact these laws will have both on livelihood of all working people (union and non-union alike) as well as the devastating impact on Missouri’s economy.

Members and retirees should contact their local union for details and information about transportation.


Everyone – working and laid off members, retirees – is urged to arrive at the Capitol in enough time before the rally to visit – and help educate – their legislators, especially Republicans who have control of both the House and the Senate.

Everyone planning on attending is urged to make sure you know who your state representatives and senators are so that you can get to the right offices quickly.

The Missouri State Building Trades Council is providing an oversized postcard with a list of the anti-worker, anti-labor bills to leave with legislators. These will be mailed to building trades locals in advance for distribution on the busses. Other unions wanting the cards should contact the Missouri Building Trades at 573-635-5214.

For those who don’t get the cards in advance, they will be available at a special table in front of the Capitol steps anytime after 10:30 a.m.

“We have to take a vital message to our elected representatives that it’s time to quit blaming working people for the ills of the state; that we cannot continue to compete with Mississippi to see who can pay their workers less,” said Missouri Building Trades Council President Tim Green.

“We need to continue Missouri’s rich tradition of decent wages to ensure we have a strong, economically-viable middle class which is the best way to grow our economy and create jobs,” Green added. “Passing these anti-worker bills that will destroy paychecks is NOT the way to help Missouri grow.”


“It’s especially important that our younger members join this rally so that they understand what’s at stake for them,” said St. Louis Building Trades Council President Jeff Aboussie. “The anti-worker laws being proposed are going to impact their entire working career unless we can stop them.”

Aboussie added: “I’m making a special plea to the 30 or so percent of our members who voted Republican in the last election. But they didn’t vote for implementing the phony ‘right-to-work (for less)’ law or killing prevailing wages that ensure a decent paycheck. We need those members to take the message to the Republicans who can make a difference when the voting begins.”

Green noted that the non-union contractors group, Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) has had several lobbying days at the Capitol and that the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and hoards of business lobbyists are in the Capitol everyday. “It’s important that the legislators hear from the people who vote,” Green said. “A large crowd will get their attention.”


For unions providing busses to avoid lots of members driving:

• Bus drop off will be behind the Capitol building (on the river side). Members of the Jefferson City/Columbia Building Trades will be there to direct traffic. Pickups will be in the same place immediately following the rally.

• Bus parking options: (1) arrangements have been made for parking at a lot in Cedar City, a few miles just north of the Jefferson City. Directions will be available at the dropoff station or (2) bus drivers can find a spot in Jefferson City.

For members driving themselves:

• Parking lots are available on east side of the Capitol but tend to fill up fast, or

• Electricians Local 257 is offering their parking lot, 209 Flora Dr. in Jefferson City. They will provide shuttle service to the rally beginning at 10 a.m.


Locals will be responsible for providing lunch for their members. For individuals driving up, there are ample restaurants in the area. The State Council has made arrangements for tables on the third floor of the Rotunda for use by rally attendees.


In case of rain, the morning lobbying efforts will go on as planned, however, the 1 p.m. rally will be cancelled and people will start boarding the busses at that time.

Any union renting busses is urged to have either their local union name or logo prominently displayed in the bus window to help avoid confusion when loading after the rally.


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