COPE endorsements for Missouri’s June 2 municipal elections


Following are the St. Louis Labor Council’s Committee on Political Education (COPE) endorsements for Missouri’s April 2, 2019 municipal elections. Incumbents are marked with an asterisk (*).



President of the Board of Alderman Lewis Reed*
Alderman Ward 2 Lisa Middlebrook*
Alderman Ward 4 Samuel L. Moore*
Alderman Ward 6 Christine Ingrassia*
Alderman Ward 8 Annie Rice*
Alderman Ward 10 Joe Vollmer*
Alderman Ward 12 Larry Arnowitz*
Alderman Ward 14 Carol Howard*
Alderman Ward 16 Thomas Oldenburg*
Alderman Ward 18 Jesse Todd
Alderman Ward 20 Cara Spencer*
Alderman Ward 22 Jeffrey Boyd*
Alderman Ward 24 Bret Narayan
Alderman Ward 26 Shameen Hubbard
Alderman Ward 28 Heather Navarro
St. Louis School Board  Louis Clinton Cross III


City of Arnold
Alderman, Ward 1  Jason Fullbright*
Alderman, Ward 4  Claude Butch Cooley*

City of Desoto
Council (at large)  Ray Chilton

City of Herculaneum
Alderman, Ward 1  Michael Burlage*
Alderman, Ward 2  Norman Seithel*
Alderman, Ward 3  Joseph Burke*

City of Pevely
Mayor  Stephanie M. Haas*
Alderman, Ward 1  Steve Markus*
Alderman, Ward 2  Russ Shackelford*
Alderman, Ward 3  Donald Menkhus*

Crystal City School District
School Board  Mandie Osher*
School Board  Daniel Portell*

Dunklin School District
School Board  Oscar James Kasten*
School Board John A. Maddox

Festus R-6 School District
School Board  Todd Oetting
School Board  Richard Fad
Proposition F  YES

Fox C-6 School District
School Board  Carole Yount*
School Board  Dan Kroupa*
Prop. S  YES

Northwest School District
School Board  Jeffery M. Hanewinkel*
School Board  Gary Bonaker*

Windsor School District
School Board  Steve Meinberg*

Jefferson Community College
Board of Trustees (six-year term) Ronald Skaggs*
Board of Trustees (six-year term) Krystal Hargis*
Board of Trustees (two-year term)  Retta “Susan” Tuggle

Jefferson County Health Center
Board Officer  Timothy Pigg*
Board Officer  John M. Scullin*
Board Officer  Dennis M. Diehl*

Jefferson County 911 Dispatch
Prop. 9-1-1  YES

Joachim-Plattin Ambulance
Board of Directors  Sam Richards
Board of Directors  Darryl Reed

Rock Township Ambulance
Board of Directors  Lynne Ruzicka
Board of Directors  Christy Gay


City of Bellefontaine Neighbors
Mayor  Tommie Pierson

City of Black Jack
Mayor  Norman McCourt*

City of Bridgeton
Council, Ward 2  Mike Mason

City of Ferguson
Council, Ward 1  Linda Lipka*
Council, Ward 3
  Fran Griffin

City of Florissant
Mayor  Tim Lowery
Judge (Write-in) Mary Elizabeth Dorsey

City of Hazelwood
Council, Ward 7  Ro Hendon*

City of Moline Acres
Alderman, Ward 2  Darlene Bell*

City of Northwoods
Mayor  John Bowman

City of Pine Lawn
Mayor  Terry Epps*

City of St. Ann
Mayor  Mike Corcoran*

Ferguson-Florissant School District
School Board  Contance Harge*
School Board  Leslie Hogshead*

Hazelwood School District
School Board  Cheryl Latham*
School Board  Zella Williams*


Black Jack Fire Protection District
Board of Directors  Orlando Smith

Maryland Heights Fire District
Board of Directors  Tom Cartez

Pattonville Fire Protection District
Board of Directors William Esterline*

Riverview Fire Protection District
Board of Directors  Kevin J. Anthony Jr.
Board of Directors  Grace Harvey

Robertson Fire District
Fire Dist. Board  Mike Conley*


City of Pacific
Alderman, Ward 1 Carol Johnson

City of Valley Park
Alderman, Ward 3  Eric Aholt

Parkway School District
School Board  Farida Ahsan

Meramec Valley R-111 School District
School Board Laura Riegler
School Board Louis J. Vondera

Rockwood School District
School Board  Loralee Mondl
School Board  Azra Ahmad

Meramec Ambulance District
Sub District 1  Shelby Cox

Pacific Fire Board
Board Member Chris Wymer

St. Clair Fire Protection District
Board of Directors Stephanie Butenhoff


Hancock School District
School Board Wayne Anthony (Tony) McMahon

Kirkwood School District
School Board Mark Boyko

St. Louis Community College
District 3 Anne Marshall


City of New Melle
Alderman, Ward 2  Janet Karrnebrock

City of O’Fallon
Council, Ward 1  Rick Lucas
Council, Ward 2  Tom “Duke” Herweck
Council, Ward 3 (1 year)  Samantha Smith
Council, Ward 5  Debbie Cook

City of Silex
Mayor  Charles (Chuck) Turbyeville

City of St. Charles
Mayor  OPEN
Alderman, Ward 6  Jerry Reese
Alderman, Ward 7  Michael Flandermeyer
Alderman, Ward 8  David Seitzer
Municipal Judge  Joseph McCulloch

City of St. Peters
Alderman, Ward 2  Judy Bateman
Alderman, Ward 3  Terry Violet
Alderman, Ward 3 (1 year) Melissa Reimer
Alderman, Ward 4 Nicholas (Nick) Trupiano

City of Troy
Alderman, Ward 3  Dennis Detert

City of Wentzville
Municipal Judge  Laura Sprehe
Alderman, Ward 3  Matt Swanson

Fort Zumwalt School District
School Board (elect two)
Gary Wester / Scott Grasser

Orchard Farm School District
School Board (elect two)
Kenny Biermann / Sarah Farley Vacek

St. Charles School District
School Board  Donna Towers
School Board  Marita Freymuth Malone

Wentzville School District
School Board  Dale Schaper

Lincoln County Ambulance Board
District 3  Tammie Taubig
District 6  Melissa Squires

St. Charles County Ambulance Board
District 2  Raymond Bauer
District 4  Teresa Reynolds

Cottleville Fire District
Board of Directors Steve Dubois

New Melle Fire District
Prop R YES

Wentzville Fire District
Board of Directors  Jennifer Houston


Wright City Fire District
Prop S (.17 increase)  YES


City of Pacific
Alderwoman, Ward 2  Carol Johnson
Prop P YES
Prop S YES
Fire Board  Chris Wymer

City of Washington
Councilman, Ward 1  Nick Obermark


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