Fire Fighters Local 2665 members approve dues increase, bylaws changes


Assistant Editor

Members of Fire Fighters Local 2665 have voted by for a $5 a month dues increase that will help shape the future of the union.

The increase, which was approved by 77 percent of members, was needed to support the union’s executive board, which sees a lot of turnover, said Local 2665 Business Manager John Duffy. Local 2665 executive board members make on average 50 percent less compared to other fire executive boards in the state.

“Every time someone leaves our executive board – and it’s usually because they receive a promotion – we lose experience,” Duffy said, noting that there hasn’t been an increase in executive board salaries in six years. “Our members willingness to invest in the strength and sustainability of our local speaks to our solidarity.”

The added support will empower Local 2665 to continue fighting for fair wages, improved working conditions and the rights of every member,” Duffy said. “In addition, it will ensure that the organization remains agile, responsive and reflective of the evolving needs of our membership.”

Members also approved a bylaws update by 92 percent, which Duffy said was mainly just housekeeping issues.

“The biggest change was updating our bylaws to keep up with the state’s laws on using members’ dues to fund donations,” he said.

Duffy thanked every member who participated in the voting process.

“Your overwhelming support and commitment to our shared goals have left us inspired and grateful,” he said. “It is your collective dedication that makes the Professional FireFighters of Eastern Missouri a force to be reckoned with. As we move forward let us remember the power we hold when we stand shoulder-to-shoulder united. Your voices have spoken and your union is stronger than ever.”



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