FRAUD ALERT: Sweepstakes Audit Bureau


Labor Tribune readers are warned that a classic “win millions” prize scam hit mailboxes this week.

The “Sweepstakes Audit Bureau” is “alerting” recipients that they might be eligible for up to $12 million but…. you need to send them $5 so that you “don’t forfeit your right to enter and win sweepstakes cash awards of more than $12 million guaranteed.”

Then in dire tones they add: “…failure to do so may result in your loss of eligibility.”

While an initial reading suggest by filling out the form and sending $5 you are entering a $12 million sweepstakes, careful scrutiny discovers that in reality all that is being offered is to provide a “report” on companies that are offering sweepstakes whose prizes have allegedly gone unclaimed.

The Better Business Bureau gives this an “F” rating, noting the business is NOT accredited.

And in the small print on the form’s reverse, it mentions that they do sell your information to other firms for “marketing purposes.” Scores of complaints online in various fraud alert systems attest to the fact: Readers beware.



  1. Thanks! Please continue to help us elderly be aware. They make everything look legitimate and I just can’t trust anyone now. I always look up the name though, after having been scammed but the company caught it.


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