Hoffman’s opponent finds Old Glory key chains – in China

MADE IN CHINA: The front of the keychain is the American flag. Turn it over, and you can see that it was made in China – and who was responsible for circulating it here.



Illinois State Rep. Jay Hoffman (D-Swansea) was a bit shocked when he saw the American flag key chain being distributed by his Republican opponent, Katherine Ruocco.

It looked harmless enough on the front, with the flag set in a slightly waving pattern. But turn it over and the story changes. A paste-on paper sticker promotes Ruocco’s candidacy but only partially covers up the telltale “MADE IN CHINA” slogan indubitably etched into the plastic with black ink.

Hoffman posted photos of the key chain online and asked his supporters to share them with friends.

“This is a slap in the face of all Americans and is another reason I continue to ask for your support,” Hoffman said on the posting. “I appreciate all your friendship and support over the years. I will always fight for the working men and women of Illinois.”

Hoffman has done just that in the past few years as chairman of the House Labor and Commerce Committee, blocking odious Republican legislation and promoting bills needed by Labor and its allies. He and Ruocco are running in the 113th District in the November election.



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