IBEW Local 1 bannering new Lindbergh School District administration building

Sappington, MO – IBEW Local 1 is bannering the new Lindbergh School District administration building at 11555 Gravois Road, near Sappington Road, for using non-union Birkle Electric, which pays below area standard wages and benefits negotiated by Local 1. Lindbergh has developed a pattern of using non-union electrical subcontractors on its schools and other construction projects over the last six years by allowing general contractors to use the lowest bidder for electrical installation in its childrens’ schools, rather than requiring they hire the most qualified contractor whose skilled, trained workers ensure our children’s safety. Taking the message to the public are (from left) Local 1 member Chris Whitey and Local 1 Business Representative Dave Roth. – IBEW Local 1 photo

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