It’s all on the line – Vote NO on Prop A on Aug. 7


Prop A (RTW) will be on the ballot Aug. 7. We need your ‘NO’ vote (and the ‘NO’ vote of every friend and family member of our union members) to defeat this attempt by dark money and business groups to determine your future in Missouri. If Prop A passes, CEOs and corporations will have the upper hand to dictate our wages, benefits and work conditions.

That may sound harsh, but it is the goal and the eventual outcome of the Prop A vote. Why do you think billionaires and groups like the National Right to Work Foundation are spending millions to try to convince voters to support Prop A? They’re not doing it for you.  When was the last time your boss came to you and said, “You’re doing such a great job, I’m giving you a raise or better health care?”

These secretive dark money groups and anti-union employers don’t want workers to join together in their UNIONS. After all, it’s YOU, and your fellow workers UNITED in your UNION that gives you a stronger voice on the job –– for your wages, for your health care, for your benefits and your safety.

Without the united voice of your union, THEY pull the strings, THEY set wages lower, THEY cut safety protections to save money, THEY tell you to pay more for your health care.

Prop A is their bid for total control by making our unions weaker. The result is that we all are weaker.


Here are the facts, in the so-called “right-to-work” states:

• Workers wages are $8,740 LESS.

• Workplace deaths are 58 percent HIGHER.

• Fewer workers have health insurance coverage.

The choice is yours. Is this what you want for yourself, your kids and your family?

Elections have consequences, and every vote really does matter.

We urge you to make sure you Vote NO on Prop A on August 7, and make sure every eligible voter in your immediate and extended family votes. Urge your friends and neighbors to vote. Make it personal, because it is!


If you’re going to be out of town or might be working late on Aug. 7, vote early. Don’t let a last minute “something” cause you not to vote. Here are the details on absentee voting.

Your future is on the line on Aug. 7. The cynical business-controlled Missouri Legislature deliberately moved the election from November to Aug. 7 to hold down the vote because traditionally fewer people turn out to vote in an August primary.

Let’s prove their cynicism wrong. The turnout of working families will make the difference in this election.

Everything is on the line on Aug. 7. Vote NO on Prop A.


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