It’s time to rebuild and modernize America’s infrastructure


It’s Infrastructure Week, a time to call on our elected leaders to rebuild and modernize America’s crumbling infrastructure.

This year’s Infrastructure Week comes at a time when 79 percent of voters say investing in America’s infrastructure is a top priority.

Here is what the inaction is costing us:

  • Roads: 44 percent of major roadways are in poor or mediocre condition, which costs Americans about $533 every year in car repairs.
  • Bridges: More than 47,000 bridges have been declared “structurally deficient.” It would take an estimated 80 years to fix every one.
  • Water: Six billion gallons of treated water are lost every day due to broken infrastructure. More than $200 billion in economic activity would be generated by closing the water infrastructure gap.

Inaction is costing Americans an average of $3,000 every year.

It’s time to tell Washington to stop delaying. Take action and fix our infrastructure. Learn more at

The AFL-CIO, in a resolution from the Federation’s 2017 Convention, stated: “We cannot and will not tolerate more inaction. The future prosperity of working families and our communities across America is at stake, as is our national commitment to the simple but powerful idea that when we invest in the nation’s infrastructure, our economy expands and working people thrive.”

(AFL-CIO Labor Wire)


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