Labor Council-endorsed 8th Ward aldermanic candidate Paul Fehler proudly supports unions

“Proudly Union printed in the City of St. Louis” with the printer’s union label prominently displayed.

In a most positive, if not unusual, show of support for unions and working people, Paul Fehler, candidate for 8th Ward alderman in the city of St. Louis, boldly proclaims his support of union families on his flyers with the above notation.

It’s unusual in that while most candidates’ literature will have the union label on their materials, none that we’ve seen make the point, boldly, that the flyer is “proudly union printed.”

“Paul is solid believer in working class folks,” said City Labor Club President Dave Holmes (Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 562). “Our board felt he was the right person for the job because he supports unions and supports working families.”

Endorsed by the City Labor Club and the St. Louis Labor Council, Fehler is running for the open seat as St. Louis’ 8th Ward alderman in a special election Feb. 13. The seat was left open when veteran alderman Stephen Conway was appointed city assessor by Mayor Lyda Krewson.

Fehler has also been endorsed by the St. Louis Building & Construction Trades Council, UAW Region 5, Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 562, Insulators Local 1, Laborers Local 110, Fire Fighters Local 73 and the St. Louis Police Officers Association.



A data analyst by trade, Fehler is a 12-year resident of the 8th Ward, which includes the Southwest Garden, Shaw and Tower Grove East neighborhoods.

He comes from a solid union background and worked his way through college as a member of the painters union, working in a commercial sign fabrication shop in Columbia. He father was a member of the glaziers and operating engineers unions. And his grandfather and his three brothers were members of the UAW and two other brothers were teamsters.

“I believe in what union members do, and I believe in the good you all do for your members and the community,” he told delegates to the recent St. Louis Port Council meeting.

Fehler is chairman of the Shaw Neighborhood Safety Committee, is active in neighborhood programs, serves as a Democratic committeeman and is member of the 8th Ward Independent Democrat Association’s executive board.

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