ONE MAN’S VIEW: Our resident president is the ‘Hey Squirrel!’ master

The “Hey Squirrel!” president has done it again. What a master!

With the firing of FBI Director James Comey, who was leading a sensitive investigation into Russian meddling in our Democratic elections, and who was willing to let the investigation go where leads take it, our resident president attempted to pull yet another “Hey Squirrel!” distraction: justifying Comey’s firing by citing his bungling of the Clinton email investigation.

What a master stroke, he must have thought!

Democrats would certainly get behind that. After all, Comey’s eleventh hour announcement that he was reopening the email investigation in October of last year – something that then candidate Donald Trump praised at the time – may well have cost Clinton the election.

The problem is, this time, nobody was buying the resident president’s “Hey Squirrel!” explanation.

Trump seemed to realize this and, later in the week, said he had decided to fire Comey because he was a “showboat.”

Frankly, I believe there is another sinister reason for Comey’s firing: it’s a brazen attempt to shut down the Russia investigation and send a message to his successor: “Don’t get too close to the truth or you’ll be fired, too.”

Look at the resident president’s record:

  • YATES: When former acting Attorney General Sally Yates warned the White House counsel that then-National Security Advisor Michael Flynn had not told the truth about his meeting with the Russian ambassador and was vulnerable to blackmail, Trump fired Yates for refusing to defend his first executive order on immigration. “Hey Squirrel!” the media’s attention shifts to Yates’ firing over the Muslim ban.
  • WIRETAPPING: The resident president claims that President Barack Obama had wiretapped Trump Tower. Another “Hey Squirrel!” moment just as the Russian meddling investigation was beginning to gain some traction; the investigation fades into the background.
  • BHARARA: U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, whose office had several ongoing investigations, including one of Fox News, other Trump friends and the Trump Tower “wiretapping,” was fired along with 45 other federal prosecutors. “Hey Squirrel! Media attention now focuses on the wholesale firings, obscuring the fact that Bharara had authority over Trump Tower.
  • NUNES: Shortly after Comey’s candid testimony before California Republican Congressman Devin Nunes’ House Intelligence Committee about the then budding Russian investigation, Nunes is invited to the White House to view “secret documents” and briefed the resident president before talking with his committee. “Hey Squirrel!” attention shifts to Nunes’ lack “impartiality” and calls for his recusal.
  • VOTER FRAUD: The latest “Hey Squirrel!” distraction (at least at press time Monday) is the resident president’s new executive order calling for an investigation into the “massive voter fraud of millions” he continues to say cost him the popular vote, a charge already disproved over and over again. This “Hey Squirrel!” effort is doomed to fail as the Comey fiasco will continue until there’s a final impartial investigation.

We’re about to find out if the Republican-controlled House and Senate really want to get to the bottom of this Russian crisis or not. Will they agree that an independent special prosecutor, or even an independent bi-partisan commission, be established to let the chips fall where they may?

If they don’t, then we’ll know there’s a massive cover-up by the Republicans to protect their resident president – and by extension, their legislative agenda – even though they must know in their hearts he’s a real threat to our Democracy… and the world order.

When will the congressional Republican leadership get up the courage to do what’s best for America and not partisan politics?

Give him credit; our resident president is the “Hey Squirrel!” master. He’ll undoubtedly come up with more “Hey Squirrel!” distractions.

The question is: How long are we going to put up with it?

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