Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 562 celebrates 50-year members


Earth City, MO – Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 562 recently celebrated members with 50 years of service at the Local 562 union hall here. Local 562 Assistant Business Manager Brian Nichols (left) and Local 562 Business Manager John O’Mara (fifth from right) presented plaques to the members attending the ceremony. They included (from left of Nichols) Theodore Reigner, Leroy Wilson, Jr., Roddy Taylor, Brian Korbesmeyer, Scott Bettlach, (O’Mara), Alan Valenti, Tim Sargeant, Mike Langendorf, and David Holmes, Jr. “How awesome it is to get to see their pure joy and happiness when receiving this honor,” Local 562 shared on Facebook. “Thank you for all your dedication, hard work, knowledge, and skills to make Local 562 a better place.” Fifty-year members not able to attend the ceremony were Richard Craddock, David Gruendler, George Harris, James Hickey, Jr., Robert Hubbard, Eugene Marshall, Lawrence Mueller, David Nyga, Michael Roy, Emil Schmidt, III, and Johnny Vavak. – Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 562 photo


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