Schnucks $5 for Fight Fund eScrip card underused, leaving money on the table

Only $1,934 raised in first 8 months; ‘free money’ being lost to help union families

A HANDY KEYCHAIN eScrip card comes with the regular business card sized eScrip card when you sign up.
A HANDY KEYCHAIN eScrip card comes with the regular business card sized eScrip card when you sign up.

With summer coming on and unemployment in Missouri growing slightly, there are still hundreds of union families in need of help from the $5 for the Fight Fund, yet the easiest way to make a donation – the Schnucks eScrip Community Card – is lagging.

The program launched in July of last year. As of February, only $1,934.07 had been raised.

It appears many readers either have not yet obtained the free card or forget to use it when checking out. Keep in mind you need to give the card to the cashier before they begin checking you out or during the checkout. Once they are done, it’s not possible to go back and credit the eScrip account.


“This is ‘free money’ to help our out-of-work families and we encourage everyone to consider picking up a free eScrip card at their local Schnucks,” said Bob Soutier, president of the St. Louis Labor Council.

It doesn’t cost anything to participate.

Schuncks, as part of its community outreach, will donate a percentage of your purchase to the $5 for the Fight Fund. It’s that easy. The amount of money donated by Schnucks goes up as your total purchases for the month climb:

•1 percent for the first $300

• 2 percent from $301 – $600

• 3 percent from $601 – $999

It’s that easy. All you have to do is get the card, register the card and give it to your cashier at checkout.


• If you already have a Schnucks eScrip Card, you can add the $5 for the Fight Fund to your existing card by simply calling 1-800-931-6258 and adding “St. Louis Labor Council-5 for the Fight” to it. Schnucks allows you to designate up the three organizations to get funding as long as the group is registered with Schnucks to participate.

• If you don’t have a card, you can get one at the Customer Service Center at any Schnucks. You can have the cashier swipe the card that day when you pay for your groceries, but you’ll need to register the card when you get home to get credit for that day’s purchases and future purchases.


There are two ways to register:

• By phone: Call 1-800-931-6258. Say that you want your purchases credited toward “St. Louis Labor Council-5 for the Fight.” You need to specify “St. Louis Labor Council-5 for the Fight,” as that is how the fund is listed with the eScrip program.

• Online: Go to Click “RegisterYour Card” and follow the prompts to fill in the required information. Make sure you indicate “St. Louis Labor Council-5 for the Fight” when it asks you to “Enter a Group Name.” You’ll also need to check the box when the Council’s name comes up.

If you register within seven days of any purchase, that amount is retroactively credited to the $5 for the Fight Fund. Each card also comes with a handy smaller card that you can attach to your car key chain so you’ll have it with you each time you buy groceries.

This is an easy and FREE way to help union families in need. All you have to do is get a card and use it.


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Generosity of union members knows no bounds

The thoughtfulness of union members reaching out to help others knows no bounds. Here are a few comments from people sending donations to the $5 for the Fight Fund:

• Unemployed: “I’m not working myself. Here’s $25 from my unemployment. You folks helped my family last year when I really was behind on rent. I don’t forget ever when people are good to me.” – Painter

• Retired: “(Union) helps pensioners like me with medical costs…I’m sending this check (my medical reimbursement) to help all union families.” – Sprinkler Fitter

• Widow: “This is in lieu of Easter candy for my grandchildren. I will let them know of their contribution. We want the children to be taken good care of.

• Time sharing: “The breadwinner in our household is… working only a few days a month…but there are members who haven’t worked any days this year. Here’s a small donation.” – Cement finisher’s wife

• Employed: “With two children in college, money can be tight but it is simple discipline in allotting some funds to your efforts of assisting families in their time of need with the current economic conditions. We are fortunate to have steady employment and felt a need to assist in your efforts.”    – Pipefitter


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