St. Louis Central Labor Council COPE endorsements

vote_2Following are the COPE endorsements for the Aug. 2 primary election recommended by area labor clubs and approved by the Greater St. Louis Labor Council. Incumbents are marked with an asterisk (*).


State Representative Dist. 117 Travis Barnes (D)


Missouri House

State Representative Dist. 112 Robert Butler (D)

State Representative Dist. 113 Karen Settlemoir-Berg (D)

State Representative Dist. 114 Becky Ruth (R)*

State Representative Dist. 115 Elaine Gannon (R)*

State Representative Dist. 118 Ben Harris (D)*

Jefferson County Council

2nd District Roger Hendrix (D)

4th District Jeff Roorda (D)

6th District Richard Henry (D)

Jefferson County Offices

Assessor Todd W. Melkus (D)

Public Administrator T.J. McKenna (D)

Sheriff Steve Meinberg (D)

Treasurer Dorothy Stafford (D)


Circuit Judge Div. 1 Joe Rathert

Circuit Judge Div. 3 Nathan B. Stewart*

Circuit Judge Div. 5 Patricia Ann Riehl*

Associate Circuit Judge Div. 13 Travis D. Partney*



Missouri House

State Representative Dist. 119 Nathan Tate (R)

State Representative Dist. 61 Tom Smith (D)

Franklin County offices

County Assessor Tom Copeland (R)*

Commissioner Dist. 1 Tim Brinker (R)*

Commissioner Dist. 2 Jeff Maune (D)*

Public Administrator Mary Jo Straatmann (D)*

Sheriff Jason Grellner (R)

County Treasurer Debbie Aholt (R)*

County Municipal Judge Thomas Duggan (R)



Missouri House

State Representative Dist. 66 Tommie Pierson, Jr. (D)

State Representative Dist. 67 Alan Green (D)*

State Representative Dist. 68 Bert Atkins (D)

State Representative Dist. 69 Gretchen Bangert (D)

State Representative Dist. 70 Byron DeLear (D)

State Representative Dist. 71 Sue Meredith (D)*

State Representative Dist. 72 Mary Nichols (D)*

State Representative Dist. 73 OPEN

State Representative Dist. 74 Cora Faith Walker (D)

State Representative Dist. 75 Teona McGhaw-Boure (D)

St. Louis County Council

2nd District Sam Page (D)*

4th District Mike O’Mara (D)*

Township Committees

Democratic Committeeman Airport Township Curt Pierce *

Democratic Committeewoman Airport Township Marianne Solari *

Democratic Committeeman Creve Coeur Township Burton Boxerman *

Democratic Committeewoman Creve Coeur Township Sue Meredith *

Democratic Committeeman Ferguson Township Larry Thomas

Democratic Committeewoman Ferguson Township Teona McGhaw-Boure

Democratic Committeeman Florissant Township Sean Weller

Democratic Committeewoman Florissant Township Mary Elizabeth Dorsey*

Democratic Committeeman Lewis & Clark Township Tim Jones *

Democratic Committeewoman Lewis & Clark Township Carol Stroker *

Democratic Committeeman Maryland Heights Township David Steinberg *

Democratic Committeewoman Maryland Heights Township Dale Steinberg *

Democratic Committeeman Midland Township Gerard Burke *

Democratic Committeewoman Midland Township Suzanne Jackson *

Democratic Committeeman Normandy Township John Bowman

Democratic Committeewoman Normandy Township Karen Pierre *

Democratic Committeemen Spanish Lake Township Orlando Smith

Democratic Committeewoman Spanish Lake Township Gwen Reed *

Democratic Committeeman Northwest Township Mathew Robinson *

Democratic Committeewoman Northwest Township Katherine Palladino *



Missouri Senate

State Senate District 15 Mark Boyko (D)

Missouri House

State Representative 83rd Dist. Gina Mitten (D)*

State Representative 87th Dist. Stacey Newman (D)*

State Representative 90th Dist. Deb Lavender (D)*

State Representative 91st Dist. Sarah Unsicker (D)

State Representative 92nd Dist. Genise Montecillo (D) *

State Representative 93rd Dist. Bob Burns (D) *

State Representative 94th Dist. Vicki Englund (D)

State Representative 95th Dist. OPEN [Marsha Haefner’s (R) Seat]

State Representative 96th Dist. OPEN [2 Republicans – Mike Lera’s Seat] Dan Reuter (R), David Gregory (R)



 St. Louis County Council District 6 Pat Yaeger (D)



Missouri House

State Representative Dist. 76 Joshua Peters (D) *

State Representative Dist. 77 Steve Roberts (D)

State Representative Dist. 78 Penny Hubbard (D)

State Representative Dist. 79 Michael Butler (D)*

State Representative Dist. 80 Peter Merideth (D)

State Representative Dist. 81 Alfred Wessels (D)

State Representative Dist. 82 Donna Baringer (D)

State Representative Dist. 83 Gina Mitten (D)*

State Representative Dist. 84 Karla May (D)*

St. Louis City offices

Circuit Attorney OPEN

Treasurer Tishaura Jones (D)*

Sherriff Joe Vaccaro (D)





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