Two Ironworkers Local 392 members rise to Labor Council posts

SCOT LUCHTEFELD (left), president of the Southwestern Illinois Central Labor Council, greets the group’s newest trustee, Matt Maulding, a member of Ironworkers Local 392. – Labor Tribune photo

Belleville, IL – Two members of Ironworkers Local 392 were voted into offices last week by the Southwestern Illinois Central Labor Council.

Matt Maulding, of Dupo, a delegate to the council since 2014 and a member of Local 392 for 21 years, was sworn in as a trustee, replacing Melinda Legg, who resigned from the position.

As a trustee, Maulding will serve on a committee of trustees who assist Financial Secretary-Treasurer Charles Kaemmerer Jr. in auditing the council’s financial records. Maulding has served as the council’s sergeant-at-arms since 2015.

MARCIA CAMPBELL (right), recording secretary of the Labor Council, welcomes new delegate Alissa Luebbers, a member of Ironworkers Local 392. – Labor Tribune photo

Also at the meeting, council President Scot Luchtefeld swore in the newest delegate, Alissa Luebbers, a five-year member of Local 392 and an examining board officer.

Luebbers lives in Mascoutah. She said she joined the council at Muldoon’s suggestion.

Her mother, Lynn Woesthaus, is also a member of Local 392. The pair were featured in the Labor Tribune in March 2020 in a story about them working together on the Stan Musial Bridge – 60 feet in the air – that now connects Illinois to St. Louis. Alissa Luebbers is also a graduate of Murray State University in Kentucky.



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