UAW Local 2250 members rally for LGBTQ rights at Missouri Capitol

Jefferson City – About a dozen members from UAW Local 2250 attended a rally on the steps of the Missouri Capitol Feb. 7 as the legislature heard testimony against the “Don’t Say Gay” bill currently under consideration by the state. UAW member Kim Davis (standing to the left of Local 2250 Vice President Shawn Jennings-Kohrs at the podium) said Republicans have introduced 27 bills so far that target the LGBTQIA community with discriminatory and hateful language. “As an Ally, I was happy to join in to bring love to the State Capitol steps to show support for those being targeted.” Local 2250 members attending the rally were (from left) Metesa Davis, Jay Davis, Shelley Tibbs Moore, Regina Lusby-Bingaman, George Ferguson, (Davis, Kohrs,) Mandy Bowman, Tina Cramer, Paula Hogan.                                  – Photo courtesy of Shawn Jennings-Kohrs/UAW Local 2250


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