YOUR LETTERS: Making sure working people have access to affordable mental health care services

Sen. John Fetterman (Pa.) announced on Feb. 16 he is seeking in-patient care for clinical depression. We send our support and solidarity to the senator and are glad he’s getting the help he needs to deal with this serious illness.

The senator’s announcement was also important because it helps destigmatize the need to receive health care, sometimes intensive, to deal with mental illness. Far too many workers struggle in silence every day with depression and other mental health issues. Depression is a serious, even life-threatening, illness that plagues millions of working people across the country.

Workers should never feel the stigma that is so often attached to taking care of our mental health. Employers must recognize mental health issues like depression as the serious threats they are to workers’ well-being. That means granting workers paid time off to get the treatment we need and deserve.

We’ll continue to fight for the health and safety of all workers on the job, including ensuring that working people have access to affordable mental health care services.

President, AFL-CIO

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