UAW Local 2250 members voting on new GM contract


Missouri Correspondent

UAW LOCAL 2250 MEMBERS walk a picket at the GM Assembly plant in Wentzville Friday, Sept. 15, as the UAW launched an historic Stand Up Strike against select plants of GM, Ford and Stellantis. The strike against GM ended Oct. 30. – Labor Tribune file photo

Wentzville, MO – UAW Local 2250 members at the GM Assembly Plant here are voting today and tomorrow on the new UAW/GM tentative agreement.

Last week, the union held informational meetings where representatives went over details and answered questions. Members also were provided a highlighter with explaining key elements of the contract.

The tentative contract is a result of the UAW Stand Up Strike – the first ever targeting all three U.S. automakers. It began Sept. 15 and included a series of rolling strikes at the Big Three. UAW Local 2250 was among the first group of auto workers to walk out. The GM strike ended Oct. 30.

The GM contract is similar to deals announced with Ford and Stellantis and would end in April 2028. Some of the highlights are:

  • A 25 percent wage increase over the four and a half year contract. Members would receive an 11 percent immediately; three percent over the next three years and five percent increase in the last year.
  • A $5,000 ratification bonus.
  • The revival of cost-of-living adjustments.
  • A shorter timeline to reach top wage.

It also charts a pathway for employees at future battery plants to become unionized under the union’s master agreement.

Roughly 46,000 members at 50 GM plants will be voting on the agreement, which needs a simple majority to pass. Some GM plants have already voted on the agreement. As of Friday, Nov. 10, the GM Ratification Tracker was showing the contract was passing by 58 percent.


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