UFCW Local 655 says ‘goodbye’ to Garry Torpea, welcomes new officers


New Local 655 officers sworn-in

CHANGING THE GUARD – With the retirement of Secretary-Treasurer Garry Torpea, Local 655’s new officers were sworn in at the May 17 Executive Board meeting by President David Cook. They are (from left) Secretary-Treasurer Nancy Parker (formerly Recorder), Recorder Nikki Rich (union representative), and Vice President Theresa Hester (organizer).  – Labor Tribune photos


Saying ‘goodbye’ to Garry Torpea

GARRY TORPEA, former secretary-treasurer, retired May 31 after 23 years on the Local 655 staff. Garry’s Local 655 affiliation started as a teenager at Schnucks. Since then, he served Local 655 in many capacities: as an in-store Shop Steward, Special Project Union Representatives to help in organizing, as a union representative, as director of organizing, director of collective bargaining and until his retirement, as secretary-treasurer. A 47-year Local 655 member, Garry was a “go-to” guy for advice and help on any project. At the Local’s May 17 Executive Board meeting, he received a standing ovation (top photo) which overwhelmed him, a “Thank you, we’ll miss you and good luck” celebratory handshake from President David Cook and new Secretary-Treasurer Nancy Parker (at left) and the traditional “Congratulations, we’ll miss you” cake, all of which overwhelmed Garry (at right). – Labor Tribune photos


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