Workers Win: Missouri Supreme Court rules Paycheck Deception (HB 1413) unconstitutional


Missouri AFL-CIO statement on ruling that eliminates government overreach into the lives of Missouri workers

Jefferson City, MO – The Missouri Supreme Court has declared House Bill 1413 unconstitutional in its entirety. The court ruling found, in part, “the exemption of public safety labor organizations in section 105.503.2(1)1 creates a scheme that effectively disfavors non-public safety labor organizations and violates public employees’ right to bargain collectively through representatives of their own choosing.”

“The Missouri Supreme Court made the right and legal decision today by striking down Paycheck Deception,” stated Missouri AFL-CIO President Jake Hummel. “The court found that the law violated the Missouri Constitution, which guarantees equal protection. It is sad that workers had to take their fight all the way to the Supreme Court due to politicians trying to take away their rights and interfere in their lives.”

Missouri’s anti-labor Republicans set out to destroy public-sector unions. HB 1413 was another tactic to take power away from workers and allow the government to dictate workers’ decisions. The ruling for the Missouri Supreme Court set in stone what we all knew that the law was unconstitutional.

Public sector workers already have to jump through unnecessary hoops to belong to a union that they choose but with this ruling, they are able to continue to get the protections they deserve. Today, the workers of Missouri scored a big win but the Missouri AFL-CIO and our affiliates will continue to fight for all workers of Missouri to ensure that they are protected on the job.


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