Union density at town hall meetings continues to grow

Town Hall
UNION MEMBERS crowd into a town hall meeting on right-to-work July 23 in Warrenton, MO.

The number of union members, other concerned citizens and small business owners who are attending town hall meetings and other forums to speak up and speak out against right-to-work (RTW) is on the increase.

“It’s not just about union members, it’s about the future of Missouri’s working families and Missouri’s small businesses”, said Roger Wells a member of the Machinists union employed at the Binkley factory in Warrenton, Mo.

The Warren County Republican Club held a RTW debate July 23 in Warrenton that was attended by over 85 union members, citizens and small business owners.

The speakers invited to give both points of view were, James Harris, a Jefferson City lobbyist in favor of right-to-work and Shannon Cooper, a former Republican legislator who is against right-to-work.

After presenting their arguments, Harris and Cooper agreed to answer questions or take comments from the audience.

Many labor members spoke up against the issue. But the surprise of the evening was when Mike Leroy spoke. Mike is a small business owner who employs union members, and he made two very good points:

1) “I use union employees because I know I am getting the best trained workers that my dollar can buy,” and

2) “I don’t need Jeff City legislators telling me how to run my business.”

State Representatives Bart Korman (R-High Hill), Randy Pietzman (R-Troy) and Bryan Spencer (R-Wentzville) were there as well. All three said they appreciated the input and will continue to listen to their constituents about this important issue.

Having said all of that, it shows how important it is to contact these and the other legislators who will be voting on Governor Nixon’s veto of HB116. Please click here to contact your legislator, if she or he is on this list, and tell them to show working families that they stand with them and will NOT support the override of the Governor’s Veto.

Tell them “SHOW ME YOU CARE” about Missouri’s working families.

(Missouri AFL-CIO)


  • I am a union carpenter out of Kansas City’s local 1127. I am appalled by the Mo legislature. It’s obvious you need to let your constituents make this decision for themselves. No working woman or man in their right mind would want Right To Work. We’ve seen the statistics of RTW states against NonRTW states. It will bring nothing but pay cuts and a lower economy, which would put the legislature in a classification of slum lords. Not a very respectful class. Do the democratic thing, let the voters decide.
    Thank you for your time.

  • Right to Work is both misleading and wrong if you hold down a job. To my knowledge no one is forced to join a union anymore than they are forced to join a company, it’s choice only. Right to Work will do one thing, drop current wages, 20 to 35 percent, check any State that has passed right to work, you’ll see the facts.


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