YOUR LETTERS: Cheating fast food workers

I’ve worked at Jack in the Box for a decade. During that time, they cheated me out of more than $150,000.

How? They regularly required me to work 14-hour shifts with no breaks but only paid me for eight hours of work. My coworkers were treated the same. When we asked why we were missing pay, our manager didn’t answer us.

Jack in the Box didn’t just cheat me out of the $150,000 I earned. They stole time from me – weekends, holidays, birthdays, time I could’ve spent with my kids. Those 14-hour shifts have taken a toll. I’ve been hospitalized for exhaustion due to overwork. But I can’t quit my job, because I can’t afford to miss a single shift.

I’ve been evicted, had my phone cut off, and relied on public assistance just to get enough to eat for myself and my three kids.

That money is barely a drop in the bucket for them but for me, this is my life and my livelihood. Eight of every 10 fast-food workers in California report being a victim of wage theft, and we just released a new report to shine a light on this rampant problem in fast-food. Spread the word and tell fast-food corporations: stop stealing from workers! ( #CALeg)

In solidarity,

Jack in the Box Worker
Folsom, California
Fight for $15 and a Union

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