YOUR LETTERS: Calls for Parson to veto voting changes bill

Regarding “Here’s what the Missouri Legislature accomplished this session” (May 13): As an out-of-state computer science student at Washington University who hopes to stay after graduation, I take my civic duties seriously. Missouri House Bill 1878 is an egregious attempt to disenfranchise voters under the guise of fixing a problem that does not exist. I urge Gov. Mike Parson to veto this bill.

Missouri’s struggle to find workers won’t be fixed by adding more voting hurdles, especially when many ID requirements exist. Hard photo ID is needlessly restrictive for younger, elderly, and disabled Missourians. It tells us that we are not welcome, and not full Missourians.

Currently, we’re able to use Missouri student IDs as proof of residency when voting, but if Gov. Parson signs this bill into law, we will have to overcome the hassles of getting to a DMV and then acquiring a Real ID which necessitates a birth certificate.  These barriers, in my opinion, deter workforce retention and depress the economy. Out-of-state students bring countless dollars in tuition, pay taxes on wages, and pump money into the St. Louis economy.

I question the wisdom of disenfranchising those here seeking education as we consider where to settle down.

While I have enjoyed St. Louis and would like to stay, I’m deeply concerned that Missouri lawmakers would choose to alienate young workers and students. Why are our elected officials so resistant to receiving our votes when they have no problem taking our money?

University City

(Reprinted from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

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