YOUR LETTERS: Congress must move quickly

Congress must move quickly to pass the Inflation Reduction Act, which will lower health care costs, make prescription drugs more affordable to seniors, address our broken tax system to get the mega-rich and big corporations to finally start paying their fair share, and make significant investments in our clean energy future that create good new jobs and curb emissions.

We also need our leaders on Capitol Hill to increase protections for working people—protections such as our right to organize, accountability in the form of stronger Labor laws and broader access to critical support systems like affordable child care.

Let’s use the next 96 days to organize and elect more pro-worker candidates to public office. Tell your co-workers, neighbors and friends about the pinch we’re all feeling, the candidates who share our vision to address it, and the urgent need to get to the polls and vote on Nov. 8!

President, AFL-CIO7

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