YOUR LETTERS: Doug Beck is a true worker’s champion


Congratulations to Missouri Representative Doug Beck (D-Affton) on his new position as president of the Missouri State Building and Construction Trades Council!

I find Doug’s appointment particularly appropriate and satisfying because I’ve known and watched Doug physically participate in support of various Labor/worker causes, and situations that involved workers in other organizations besides his own. All Workers.

I met Doug, a few years back, at a Labor action before his position as a legislator. Throughout the years, he has consistently supported janitors in St. Louis, warehouse workers and social as well as economic justice issues – all by being there on a regular basis, lawfully exercising his First Amendment Right.

Doug was again a reliable constant on the strike line of the Christian Care Home providing support physically and economically to workers who cared for the elderly and disabled, often coming directly from work in his work clothing. He also participated in the drive to provide Christmas presents to the strikers’ children.

For the past two years, Doug has participated in our annual “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” event. This charitable activity, which consists of actually walking a mile in red high heels, is a fun method to raise funds for a serious cause – the YWCA’s program to care for women and children who are victims of domestic abuse. Our team “Union One” has generated over $2,000 for this effort.

Doug is always present in a humble, service fashion. NEVER politicking or attempting to gain attention or favor. Never. He is a true Worker’s champion/servant.

Oh, and he’s also running for the District 1 Senate seat in November. Let’s put him there.

Workers’ activist
Heat and Frost Insulators Local 1 retiree


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