YOUR LETTERS: Need your vote for Corporate ‘Hall of Shame’

Throughout the pandemic, billion-dollar corporations raked in record profits while paying less than their fair share in taxes due to the Trump-GOP tax scam. What did they do with those excess profits?

They certainly didn’t pass them along to their workers.

  • Exxon made $9.3 billion in U.S. profits in 2021 but paid only a 2.8 percent federal income tax rate?  Its CEO’s pay was 124 times more generous than the corporation’s typical worker.
  • Amazon? It paid only a 6.1 percent federal income tax rate on $35 billion in profits in the same year. Its new CEO, Andy Jassy, was paid $213 million – 6,474 times the $32,855 take-home of Amazon’s typical worker.
  • Coca-Cola paid just a 7.4 percent federal income tax rate in 2021 on $3.4 billion in profits. Its CEO, James Quincey, made $24.9 million, 1,791 times more than the company’s average employee!

Now, you have a chance to vote for one of these corporate villains in the 2023 “Corporate Hall of Shame,” hosted by our allies at Corporate Accountability.

Will you vote for Exxon, Amazon, Coca-Cola, or another one of the billion-dollar corporations featured in this year’s voting? Please go to: to see the full list of greedy corporations that are avoiding paying their fair share in taxes. (and then) select your winner in this year’s Corporate Hall of Shame!

Thanks for holding greedy, tax dodging corporations accountable.

Digital Director
Americans for Tax Fairness Action Fund

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