YOUR LETTERS: Tell the EEOC to protect federal workers from discrimination

Once again, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) under the Trump administration is trying to make things worse for working people. The EEOC has proposed a change to federal regulations that would make it harder for people working for the federal government to protect themselves from discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

The proposed “Official Time” rule would prohibit union representatives from representing their members in issues related to discrimination or harassment during work time. This would deny federal employees the ability to seek help from people with the knowledge and experience they need during cases of discrimination or harassment on the job.

This is outrageous. Federal employees – like all working people – deserve a workplace free of discrimination and harassment and if issues arise, they should receive the assistance they need to address it.

Tell the EEOC to abandon its efforts to deny federal employees their choice of representative in discrimination and harassment cases by sending a letter to

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