Candidate Cora Faith Walker calls out Rep. Courtney Curtis: ‘He doesn’t care’


Candidates make last-minute appeals before Aug. 2 primary

In a most unusual candidate appeal for the Aug. 2 primary, a brave Cora Faith Walker (D), of House District 74, spent her time at last week’s St. Louis Labor Council delegate meeting urging voters in House District 73 NOT to back incumbent Courtney Curtis because of his support for right-to-work. Both are African-American.

Walker was quite clear: “Right-to-work is racist. Curtis claims to want to support African-Americans, but in supporting right-to-work he is tearing us down,” she told the Labor Tribune.

“Someone needs to call him out. Martin Luther King made it clear many times that the civil rights movement and Organized Labor had similar interests and supported each others’ goals. Courtney is using ‘divide and conquer’ tactics to try and keep his seat, and it’s just plain wrong. He claims he cares, but it’s clear with his votes that he doesn’t,” Walker said to applause.


Walker, a successful attorney, has worked extensively in the area of public health and public policy for the past five years. She has earned a reputation for being an authority on issues related to health law and policy and has worked with a broad coalition of stakeholders across Missouri who are dedicated to ensuring affordable, quality health care for all.

If we’re going to grow Missouri’s economy and create jobs, she added, we need to protect unions and the middle class.

Walker is endorsed by the Missouri AFL-CIO and the Greater St. Louis Labor Council COPE.


Other candidates to speak to Council delegates included:

Travis Barnes (D), candidate for House District 117. Endorsed by COPE.

A 20-year union ironworker, he is vice president of Iron Workers 396. His comments were short and much appreciated by the delegates. He said everyone knows that he supports the working man. He’s fighting hard and needs delegates’ votes and financial support.

His Facebook page, barnesforstaterep, says it all: “Fighting for the Middle Class” and adds: “I will be dedicated to stopping the attacks against the middle class from the so-called ‘right-to-work,’ paycheck deception, and attacks on our prevailing wage. I will work to fully fund our public schools, giving families the resources they need to thrive. I will find ways to strengthen our community by combating drug abuse and creating a safer environment for families. Economic expansion for our community is a must, and I will be diligent at finding ways to bring business to our district.”

Teresa Hensley, candidate for state Attorney General. The race is left “open” because there are two solid Democratic candidates.

“If experience matters, and it does, my 14 years as a prosecutor means I’m ready to be the Attorney General on Day One,” she said.

She is the only candidate with 24 years of courtroom experience, dedicating her career to fighting for justice, she said.

“I’m going to make sure the legal system works for everyone, not just the powerful and well-connected,” she stressed. “As the state’s top prosecutor, I will seek justice with honesty and integrity for Missouri’s families.”

She is a former Cass County prosecutor.

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