McDonald’s workers stage one-day strike – again

McDONALD’S WORKERS took to the streets this week to demand the fast-food giant pay them $15 an hour.

McDonald’s workers in St. Louis and at least 14 cities across the country staged a one-day strike on May 19, the day before the fast-food giant’s shareholders meeting to renew their demand that McDonald’s pay them $15 an hour.

McDonald’s made nearly $5 billion in profits last year, and paid out billions to their shareholders, but front-line workers who showed up throughout the pandemic still aren’t seeing seeing any the profits made possible by their work.

“We’re refusing to sit by while McDonald’s gets rich off our sweat and hard work,” Stanley Jackson, community coordinator for Show-Me $15ers., said in an email to supporters

“Our families are still struggling in poverty, and it’s not right –– we deserve more! While we must continue working on getting our representatives to raise the federal minimum wage to $15/hr., we also know that McDonald’s doesn’t have to wait on Congress. They could give us $15/hr. tomorrow if they wanted to.”

McDonald’s is the third largest employer in the country, right behind Amazon and Walmart. It’s time we flex our muscles as working people and make these big corporations do the right thing.

McDonald’s doesn’t have to wait for Congress to pass $15.

Even in 2020, the height of the COVID-19 induced recession, the company pulled in nearly $5 billion in profit and paid out billions to shareholders.

Demonstrations took place this week at Union Park in Chicago; Oakland and Los Angeles, Calif.; St. Louis and Kansas City, Mo., Houston, Milwaukee, Warren and Flint, Mich.; Charleston, S.C.; Charleston, W. Va.; Durham, N.C., and Sanford and Fort Lauderdale, Fla. A pro-worker rally also took place in Washington, D.C.



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