Missouri COPE endorsements for April 5

vote1Following are the Greater St. Louis Labor Council, AFL-CIO’s COPE endorsements for the April 5 General Municipal Election as approved at the Feb. 16 delegate meeting. Incumbents are marked with an asterisk (*).


Arnold City Council Councilman

Ward 1                                                                        Jennifer Beutenmiller

Ward 2                                                                        Brian McArthur*

Ward 3                                                                        Vernon Sullivan

Ward 4                                                                        Gary Plunk*

City of Pevely

Ward 1                                                                        Erin Kasten

Ward 2                                                                        Edward Walters*

School Boards

C-6 Fox School District                                              Dan Kroupa*

R-VII                                                                          Todd Oetting

Public Water Supply District 1
Subdistrict 4                                                           
Jason Fulbright

Rock Township Ambulance

Lynne Ruzicka

Carey Gay

Valle Ambulance District

Carey Manning•

Dustin M. Lowry•

City of Pacific

Ward 2                                                                        Mike Butler


City of Wildwood

Mayor                                                                         Jim Bowlin

City of Pacific

Ward 2                                                                        Mike Butler


City of Warrenton

Ward 1                                                                        Mike Shilharvey

Ward 3                                                                        John Miller

Warren County R-III School District

School Board                                                              Virginia (Ginger) Schenck


City of Pacific

Alderman Ward 2                                                        Mike Butler

Boles Fire Department

Prop Safety                                                                 Yes

Union Ambulance

Prop Fair Ambulance Funding                                    Yes

City of Washington

Councilman Ward 1                                                    Mark Hidritch*


City of Bridgeton

Councilman Ward 3                                                  Randy Hein

City of Maryland Heights

Councilman Ward 1                                                   Galvin Park

City of Overland

Council Member Ward 1                                             Jerry May

Council Member Ward 2                                             Lisa Ridolfli*

Council Member Ward 3                                             Austin DeSain

Council Member Ward 3 (Unexpired Term)               Jared Shadley

Council Member Ward 4                                             Les Dills*

City of Ferguson

Council Member Ward 1                                             Linda Lepka

Council Member Ward 2                                             Heather Robinett

Prop E                                                                         Yes

Prop P                                                                         Yes

Ferguson Florissant School District

Director                                                                       Leslie Suzanne Hogshead*

Director                                                                       Connie Harge

City of Florissant

Prop B                                                                         Yes

Prop R                                                                         Yes

Prop A                                                                        Yes

City of Hazelwood

Councilman Ward 1                                                    Carol Stroker*

Councilman Ward 3                                                    Don Ryan*

Councilman Ward 4 (Unexpired Term)                       Bob Parkin*

Councilman Ward 5                                                    Russell Todd*

Councilman Ward 7                                                    Ro Hendon*

Prop 1                                                                         Yes

Prop 2                                                                         Yes

Prop 3                                                                         Yes

Prop 4                                                                         Yes

Hazelwood School District

Director                                                                       Cheryl Latham*

Director                                                                       Karlton Thorton*

City of Jennings

Council Member Ward 1                                             Alan Stichnote

Council Member Ward 3                                             David Schmerber*

Prop B                                                                         Yes

City of St. Ann

Alderman                                                                    Mathew Kyle Dirck

Prob B                                                                         Yes

Ferguson/Florissant School District

Proposition 1                                                               Yes

City of St. John

Prop B                                                                         Yes

City of Black Jack

Prop R                                                                         Yes

Ritenour School District

Director                                                                       Robert M. Eaton

City of Bellefontaine Neighbors

Alderman Ward 2                                                        Don Merz*

Alderman Ward 4                                                        Anthony Smith*

Alderman Ward 4 (Unexpired Term)                          Andrew Fields*

Prob B                                                                         Yes

St. Louis County

Prop B                                                                         Yes


Prop S                                                                         Yes

Mid County

Prop P                                                                         Yes

Prop E                                                                         Yes


Affton School District

School Board                                                              Michael McNeil*

School Board                                                              Jordan Levinson

Lindbergh School District

School Board                                                              Jennifer Miller

School Board                                                              Michael Tischilis

Mehlville School District

School Board                                                              Larry Felton*

School Board                                                              Kevin Schartner

Webster School District

School Board                                                              Joel Oliver*

School Board                                                              Arnold Stricker


Fort Zumwalt School District

School Board                                                              Mike Swaringim*

Francis Howell School District

School Board                                                              Michelle Walker

School Board                                                              Cynthia Bice*

Orchard Farm School District

School Board                                                              Kenny Biermann*

School Board                                                              Sarah (Farley) Vacek

Wentzville School District

School Board (three-year term)                                   Jackson Thompson

School Board (three-year term)                                   Dale Schaper*

City of Dardenne Prairie

Ward 2                                                                        Brad Turvey

City of O’Fallon

Ward 1                                                                        Rick Lucas*

Ward 2                                                                        Tom ‘Duke’ Herweck

Ward 4                                                                        Jeff Schwentker*

Ward 5                                                                        Debbie Cook*

City of St. Charles

Ward 8                                                                        Rod Herrmann*

Ward 10                                                                      Ronnie Lloyd

Judge                                                                          Joseph McCulloch*

City of St. Peters

Mayor                                                                         OPEN

City of Wentzville

Mayor                                                                         Nicholas (Nick) Guccione*

Ward 3                                                                        Linda L. Wright*

City of Weldon Springs

Ward 2                                                                        Janet Kolb*

City of Foley

Mayor                                                                         Keith Vertrees

St. Charles School District

School Board                                                              Marita Malone

School Board                                                              Donna Towers

St. Charles Community College

Trustee                                                                        Rose Mack*

Trustee                                                                        Mary Schnare Stodden

Cottleville Fire District

Seat 1                                                                          Kenneth Brooks*

O’Fallon Fire District

Director                                                                       William “Bill” Laughlin*

Lake St. Louis Fire District

Director (five-year term)                                             Michael J. Crowell

Director (two-year term)                                             Richard E. Thurwachter*

Public Water Supply Dist. 2

Sub district 3                                                               John Cook

St. Charles County Ambulance

Board Director                                                Raymond (Bud) Bauer*



Lincoln County Ambulance District

Board of Directors                                                      Melissa Squires*

Board of Directors                                                      Tammie Taubig


St. Clair County

R-XIII School District

School Board                                                              Dawn Tedrick



City of St. Louis

Prop E                                                                         Yes

Prop 1                                                                         Yes

Prop F                                                                         Yes

Prop Y                                                                        Yes

Prop S                                                                        Yes

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