Unions provide strong support for ARCHway Institute’s mission of addiction treatment and recovery



Addiction and mental health services available to union members, families

True to the continuing spirit of supporting worthwhile charitable groups, 13 Labor unions and a number of Labor-friendly organizations were among the many organizations, companies and individual to participate recently in the ARCHway Institute’s recent 6th annual charity fundraiser, raising more than $90,000 to support the non-profit group’s mission of helping individuals with mental health and addictive disorders.

ARCHway’s help is available without question to our union members and their families.

“By aiding those who want to be in recovery but are looking for resources (financial or informational) with their addiction and, or mental health disorder, the ARCHway Institute helps not only those affected, but also that person’s friends, family and the public at large,” said Don Willey, business manager, Laborers Local 110, who is actively involved and committed to ARCHway’s efforts.

Willey lost his son Matt to a drug overdose and knows personally the pain of the afflicted and their families.

If you or someone you love is battling addiction, help is available by calling the ARCHway Institute at 1-314-635-8887, emailing TheARCHwayInstitute@gmail.com or visiting ARCHway’s website at thearchwayinstitute.org.

Major “Awareness” category supporters include:

  • Laborers Local 110
  • St. Louis-Kansas City Carpenters Regional Council
  • Union Labor Life Insurance Company (ULLICO)

Participating in the “Recovery” and Community and Health” were:

  • Laborers International Union.
  • Laborers’ Local 660
  • Operating Engineers Local 148
  • Midwest Region Laborers’ Health and Safety Fund
  • Sheet Metal Workers Local 36
  • St. Louis Building & Construction Trades Council
  • Western MO and KS Laborers’ District Council
  • Painters and Glaziers District Council 58
  • Iron Workers Local 396
  • Greater St. Louis Labor Council
  • Quarry & Allied Workers Local 830
  • Eastern Missouri Laborers’ District Council
  • Concussion Awareness Foundation (a St. Louis-Kansas City Regional Carpenters Council Fund)
  • The Labor Tribune

Labor-friendly firms and organizations supporting the Institute’s efforts include:

  • Hammond Shinners law firm
  • United Way of Greater St. Louis Labor Liaisons
  • Mason Contractors Association of St. Louis
  • AGC of Missouri
  • Schuchat, Cook & Werner law firm
  • Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd law firm
  • Spector Wolfe McLaughlin, O’Mara and Hall law firm
  • Marquette Associates and UnitedHealthcare

Union printer The Ink Spot donated the printing for the evening’s program and invitations.

With a focus addictive disorder and mental health, the ARCHway Institute:

  • Assists individuals suffering with a drug or alcohol addiction and co-existing mental health disorders by providing information and financial assistance, if needed, to such persons seeking treatment.
  • Advocates for caregivers by helping them understand the disease and assisting them in finding the professional resources they are looking for to assist their family in starting a journey of recovery.
  • Works to reduce the stigma associated with these disorders by bringing awareness and education around the issues associated with these disorders.
  • Furthers education with respect to addiction and mental health disorders through funding of individuals and organizations involved in the study and research of mental health and addictive disorders or prevention activities.
  • Sponsors programs, symposiums and lectures to educate those working in the field of mental health and addiction medicine, the families and friends of those suffering from addiction or other mental health issues, as well as those who are interested in learning more about addictions and mental health research and treatment.

“The Archway Institute is here for all our Union brothers, sisters and their family members who are seeking information and or financial support for treatment from the disease of addiction,” said ARCHway Chairman Dan Stuckey.

If you or someone in your family is battling alcohol or drug addiction, ARCHway provides scholarships to help those suffering from addiction pay for treatment and services.

You can learn more and get started on the road to recovery by calling the ARCHway Institute at 1-314-635-8887, emailing TheARCHwayInstitute@gmail.com or visiting ARCHway’s website at thearchwayinstitute.org.


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