YOUR LETTERS: Parson running scared


Gov. Parson’s PAC launched a new wave of attacks filled with shocking and obvious lies, like accusing me and supporters like you of being “pro-crime.”

I won’t dignify these offensive and false attacks with a response. But I will tell you what it says about this race: The status quo is running scared.

On Governor Parson’s watch, everyday families have struggled with rising healthcare costs, underfunded schools and fewer opportunities — all while insiders and mega-donors have been raking in favors and kickbacks. When I’m governor, that all comes to an end — and the folks in power know it.

When we launched this campaign, early polls had us down against Parson by double digits. Now more than a year, multiple fundraising records, and millions of calls and texts later, our grassroots movement has made Missouri a battleground state 

The billionaires and special interests are spinning up outrageous lies every week because they’re panicking — as they should be.

As Auditor, I’ve been the taxpayers’ independent watchdog. I’ve uncovered more than $370 million in wasted or stolen taxpayer money and brought more than 60 criminal counts against corrupt public officials from both political parties.

When I say I’ll end their culture of corruption, they know it’s no BS — that’s why I’m running to defeat Mike Parson, and it’s why I’m asking for your support, and for your vote on Nov. 3

Democratic candidate
Missouri governor

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