YOUR LETTERS: Vote YES on Earnings Tax Prop E April 6


No matter what we look like or where we live, we want our neighborhoods to be vibrant.

On Tuesday, April 6, we must come together to support our community, protect our city’s resources, and secure good jobs for city workers by VOTING YES on Proposition E to renew the St. Louis City Earnings Tax.

For decades, St. Louis has relied on the earnings tax to provide the services we all use and depend on. In St. Louis, we all pay our fair share to support the public workers who keep our roads, parks and more going for all of us.

In order to keep building more vibrant and thriving communities, we must renew our city’s earnings tax by voting YES on Proposition E.

Without the earnings tax, the wealthiest 1% and corporations will have an open door to privatize our public resources for their own gain, cut good union jobs and benefits, and raise taxes and fees on all of us. By coming together and voting YES on Question 1 to renew the earnings tax, we can keep the wealthiest 1% from stripping resources from our communities to line their own pockets.

Pledge to vote YES on Proposition E to renew the St. Louis Earnings Tax.

St. Louis Champions Organizer
Missouri Jobs with Justice Voter Action


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